Important: Trustbond has closed down and is no longer available for sale. No further claims will be processed.

Trustbond - The end of the cash rental bond


Trustbond replaces the cash bond with a surety certificate you buy for a fee, liberating your money for the things that matter to you.

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Why Trustbond?

Trustbond helps you to completely replace a traditional cash bond. Instead of having your money tied up in a bond, Trustbond lets you hold onto more of your money for the things that matter to you, like family, studies, business and travel.

Trustbond also provides cash-flow in the same month that you may have many other expenses. In addition to moving, furniture, cleaning and travel, you might need to cover the cost of two bonds when moving from one rental property to another.

How it works?

The cost for a Trustbond is a percentage fee of the bond amount, usually between 12.5% - 17.5%. You pay a fee and we cover your landlord for the full bond amount with a surety certificate issued by an insurance brand you know and trust. Please note Trustbond is not currently available for sale in Australia.

Trustbond is a surety bond and the fee is all you pay up-front. It is provided by general insurer AAI Limited. Trustbond is not like a loan where you need to pay back the principal, interest and fees. This means more cash flow for you throughout the lease.

Pre-approval for a Trustbond can be done online within a matter of minutes. Our automated eligibility process is based on your online reputation and/or previous rental history. Through this we make an assessment that you will be a trustworthy tenant. Tenants establish a TrustScore and if you have a high TrustScore you will receive a discount.

If there is a claim, we pay the landlord. If there was bad faith or intentional acts, then there may be recovery from a tenant. But we fully cover any accidents or financial hardship, unlike cash bonds today. If you have a claim from bad faith, your TrustScore may go down and you might not be eligible for another Trustbond.

It’s a fee and cover for the term of the lease. If you renew the lease, you can also renew your Trustbond. The renewed Trustbond will attract a 50% discount o the previous term’s price. The third renewal for the same premises (and any renewal thereafter for the same premises) will be free. Over the tenancy, Trustbond will not collect more than 20-30% of the cash bond value in fees. Please note Trustbond is not currently available for renewal in Australia.

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