The end of the
rental cash bond

Rental bonds are expensive. Trustbond is a surety bond that eliminates the need for a rental cash bond when renting your new home, freeing your money for the things that matter to you.

What is Trustbond?

How does it work ?

How much is your cash bond requirement?


What do you choose?

Traditional Cash Bond

Pay the $2000

Your landlord is covered for $2000.

With Trustbond

Pay as little as $250

Your landlord is covered for $2000 .
Liberate the $1750 for the things that matter to you.

* Minimum fee based on TrustScore of 90 or above for the term of lease. Discounts apply for renewals. If your landlord claims on the surety bond, we may recover from you. Please log-in for a quote and to check your eligibility.


Our eligibility process takes just a few minutes and measures trustworthiness through online reputation and former rental reviews. This enables us to make a prediction that if you are a good online citizen, you will also be a good tenant.

Relationships between landlords and tenants should be based on trust.

We trust you,
why should you trust us?

Trustbond is powered by Terri Scheer, the landlord insurance specialist, loved by Landlords and Agents. Trustbond is provided by AAI Limited, one of Australia's largest general insurers.

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