About us

Trustbond is a product by Traity, a startup that wants to help make the rental market more accessible to everyone.

We're a team of cool people based in Madrid, London, Budapest and Brisbane.

Our co-founder Juan, suffered the burden of security bonds when he moved to the US. He was untrusted as a foreigner, and his landlords requested very expensive bonds. They did not have enough information to trust him. We believe there should be a better way to create trust between people, without locking their money up. That's why we have partnered with some of the best insurance companies in the world to fulfil our mission of creating a better world where we can trust one another.

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Watch our Manifesto here about why Trustbond matters

If you want to learn about our parent company on traity.com, or read about us:

And here you have rest of us, working hard to make the world better :)